Other • Open End Baskets
  • Open End Baskets come in a polished chrome finish.
  • Dividers are sold separately allowing customer to customize the size of the basket storage capacity.
  • Dividers can be used ends for the basket, as well as, dividers.
  • Can be used on Oh Shelf Shelf Span, Shelf Invader, Standard Shelves, or on the floor where garage space is available.
  • Open End Baskets can also hook directly onto Oh Shelf Shelf Slots with the use of Oh Shelf OEB Clips (sold separately).
  • Perfect for storing recycling, toys, newspapers, sports balls, etc.
  • Both 36” and 48” wide sizes available 16” and 18” deep.
If you want to take back your garage and conquer the almost never ending clutter, then the Oh-Shelf Garage Systems is the answer. From storage, shelving, slatwall and baskets to design and installation services, Oh-Shelf is the one stop shop to enhance any garage interior.